Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yarn Balls: FAIL!

After seeing all the cute pictures of yarn balls filled in vases and used to make wreaths, Mrs. A and I were inspired to make some of our own. After all, everyone did this project as a kid and didn't have any problems. So novice crafters such as ourself should be A-OK. Not so much...

We were inspired by's blog and attempted to follow her instructions to recreate this project. Obviously her instructions were impeccable but our direction following was not so much.

Materials Needed:
- Balloons (water balloon size works best)
- Glue
- Water
- Glitter
- String
- Wax paper

Step One: Blow up balloons to be about the size of a small water balloon. We had trouble finding water balloons so ended up using regular balloons. Next time, I'll hunt a little harder, as the regular balloons weren't as firm once blown up.

Step Two: Mix glue and hot water. Holidash recommended two parts water to one part glue but Mrs. A and I came to the conclusion (after the fact, of course) that half glue/half water would work better. Mix well!

Step Three: Add glitter to the glue. The more the glitter, the better!

Step Four: Holidash recommended measuring the string around the width & length of the balloon and cutting individual strips. Mrs. A and I tried this at first but it didn't seem necessary so instead we cut a giant long string to wrap around the balloon multiple times. Of course, instead of using string, we used yarn. This did not work so well.
Step Five: Dip string in glue and start to wrap it around the balloon multiple times.
Step Six: Secure the end of the string and place the balloon on wax paper to dry for 48 hours.
Step Seven: Pop the balloon and remove with tweezers.
Step Eight: Place in a vase, tie with a string or do what you want. Take a picture and enjoy!

Unfortunately for us, after 48 hours the balls still hadn't dried all the way and the ones that had weren't strong enough once the balloons were popped. I think this was in part due to the glue/water consistency and in part due to the heaviness of the yarn as opposed to string.

Lessons Learned:
- Use water balloons instead of regular balloons
- Less water, more glue
- Don't try doesn't work. When they call for string, they really mean string!
- Cutting small lengths of string isn't necessary. One long string wrapped multiple times works better.

Mrs. A and I will definitely try this project again. It was simple and very easy. Next time we just need to follow the directions!

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