Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wine Bottle Vases: SUCCESS!

In an attempt to keep costs down during craft weekend (yeah right), we decided to try a few projects that involved things we already had. Obviously Mr. and Mrs. A are avid wine makers/drinkers/giver away-ers so wine bottles were something we had a great supply of!

Materials Needed:
- Wine bottles
- Epsom salt
- Spray adhesive
- Spray primer
- White spray paint
- Floral stems

Step One: We began the project by spraying several wine bottles down with spray primer. It was tricky to get the entire bottle all at once so it might be easier to do it in two stages.
Step Two: This step is optional, but will help if your wine bottles are colored. If the spray primer doesn't cover the bottle enough for your liking, spray an additional coat of white spray paint over it and let dry.
Step Three: Pour epsom salt into a dish large enough to roll wine bottles in. We used a pyrex dish.
Step Four: Spray the bottles with spray adhesive and roll in epsom salts. If you prefer more salt, you may want to repeat this process more than once.

Step Five: Let the bottles sit to dry about 24 hours.
Step Five: Add floral stems to your vases and arrange to make look pretty. Take a picture and you are done!

This project was relatively easy and our biggest challenge was figuring out how to prime/paint the bottles all in one step. We are very impatient crafters, but things worked out just fine. Although the bottles aren't perfect, it adds to their charm!

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