Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Ball Wreath: SUCCESS!

Mrs. A seems to bring all the good ideas to our crafting weekend. I think that this is a sign that I need to expand my creative pallet and learn to be a little more visionary. Apparently this is what you get when you take someone with a type A personality who has very little creative insight and toss them into a craft weekend. Thankfully I'm committed to honing my creative skills!

The Christmas ball wreath project started with a trip to the dollar store. Here, we purchased about 50 Christmas balls in various sizes and colors. Because we both wanted to include blue in our wreaths, we decided to paint some of the balls. If you are thinking of doing this, STOP and read my post regarding spray painting. It is MUCH easier to shell out the extra few bucks at Target and get the colored balls you want. Other than that little setback, the rest of the project went well.

In addition to the balls, you will also need:
- One wire hanger
- Pliers to bend wire
- Glue gun/glue sticks

Step One: Glue the tops of the balls so that they do not come off when placing them on the wreath.
Step Two: Take a wire hanger and bend it into a wreath shape.

Step Three: When the balls are glued and the wire hanger is ready to go, start stringing the balls onto the hanger, alternating colors and patters of balls. I was skeptical at first because it didn't seem to be working but once you get enough balls on it straightens itself out and starts to look good.

Step Four: When you have threaded all the balls on the wreath, use the pliers to close up the wreath and wrap the ends of the wire together. I must confess that Mrs. A and I did not have our Wheaties on the day we did this project and had to enlist the help of Mr. A to bend our wires. Good thing he's a trooper!
Step Five: Tie a ribbon over the connector site and you are good to go! We left the natural "hook" of the hanger for easier hanging in the future. We also used super glue to secure the ribbon.

In the end, the project was a huge success. It was so easy to make and only cost about $5! I'm looking forward to making another one in different colors!

Thanks to TipJunkie for the idea! It worked great!

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