Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mini Pumpkins: Success!

When I first got the crafting bug around Halloween, I decided to try a project on my own. It looked cute and easy enough for a novice crafter such as myself. Without a need for any fancy crafting tools, I figured I could handle it.

Materials Needed:
- Minature pumpkin (I used three)
- Vampire fangs, any color
- Googly eyes. Large ones work best, but any size will work
- Glue dots or super glue to secure googly eyes
- Knife to carve pumpkin

Step One: Make slit in the "mouth" area of the pumpkin and start carving out a hole large enough to insert the vampire fangs. I found that I needed a much larger hole than I anticipated in order to get the fangs to go in. I also had to angle the hole from the inside to get the fangs to stick.

Step Two: Use the mouth hole to remove all the inside guts of the pumpkin. This is a little tricker than traditional pumpkin carving because the smaller pumpkins are harder and the hole is smaller.

Step Three: Insert vampire fangs in mouth hole. You will likely need to make a few tweaks to get them to stick. I didn't use anything to secure them, as once they were wedged in they stayed just fine.

Step Four: Use glue dots to secure googly eyes on.

Step Five: Take a picture and enjoy! If you want, add a battery operated tea light for a little extra pizazz.

Despite my somewhat jagged mouth holes, I was pretty pleased with the way these turned out. I had never used mini pumpkins before and although they were a bit harder to carve, it worked out well.