Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rock Trivets: SUCCESS!

Mrs. A and I saw several variations of projects using rocks and decided to give one of them a try. Because the trivets seemed the smallest of the tasks to take on, we decided to go with that first. Thanks to Pinterest and Martha Stewart for the photo and idea! We didn't have any directions for this project, so we made it up as we went along.

- Rocks. These can be purchased at the dollar store or picked up at your local lakeshore. With the snow on it's way, we skipped the lake and bought them at the dollar store. Make sure you get the smaller rocks for this project.
- Glue. We found that E6000 worked the best for attaching the rocks, as it's so strong. However, superglue worked better for attaching the felt to cardboard.
- Felt. A neutral color such as black or brown works best.
- Cardboard

Step One: Cut cardboard in the shape of a circle, large enough to put a pot or pan on. Tracing an existing pan works well.
Step Two: Cover cardboard with felt. Superglue worked best for this step. Be sure the felt covers the sides. I cut and glued pieces of the remaining felt for the top, as I knew most of the rocks would cover it.

Step Three: Start in one area and start gluing the bottom of the rocks to the felt with E6000. Because the glue takes awhile to set, it might seem a little loosey goosey at first but it will begin to stick after a little while.

Step Four: Complete securing the rocks and set the trivet aside for 24 hours to dry. When dry, your trivet is done!

This project worked pretty well, but the E6000 was very smelly and made Mrs. A nervous about the nasty chemicals inside. In response to the dangers on the container, she was kind enough to fashion these lovely face masks for us. If only we'd had them while spray painting!

Overall, the project worked great. I can't wait to give one of these to a friend for Christmas! (So if you get one of these from me, don't be surprised! :)

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